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 Hamster United Gosus

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PostSubject: Hamster United Gosus   Sat 20 Mar - 17:29

Player: United Gosus
Deck: Hamster

20 Monster
3x Gravekeeper’s Spy
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Beast
3x X-Saber Airbellum
2x Cyber Dragon
2x Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
1x Caius the Shadow Monarch
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1x Gravekeeper’s Descendant
1x Plaguespreader Zombie
1x Rescue Cat
1x Summoner Monk

12 Magic
3x Book of Moon
2x Pot of Avarice
2x Smashing Ground
1x Brain Control
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mind Control
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Scapegoat

8 Trap
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Dimensional Prison
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Starlight Road
1x Torrential Tribute

2x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1x Jinzo
2x Legendary Jujitsu Master
1x D.D. Crow

2x Nobleman of Crossout
2x Dust Tornado
2x Mirror of Oaths
2x Trap Hole
1x Starlight Road

1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
2x Arcanite Magician
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Armory Arm
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1x Colossal Fighter
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Magical Android
1x Mist Wurm
1x Thought Ruler Archfiend
1x X-Saber Urbellum
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PostSubject: Re: Hamster United Gosus   Sat 20 Mar - 17:36

pa mal m est faut m expliquer le but Razz
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Hamster United Gosus
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