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 Starlight Road スターライト・ロード

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PostSubject: Starlight Road スターライト・ロード   Sun 21 Mar - 11:55

  • Royal Oppression: "Royal Oppression" may negate the effect of "Starlight Road", even though it is unknown at activation whether or not "Starlight Road" will Special Summon "Stardust Dragon". "Royal Oppression" may negate the effect of "Starlight Road" even if "Stardust Dragon" may not be Special Summoned, such as if "Vanity's Fiend" is on the field or if there is no "Stardust Dragon" in the Extra Deck.
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Posts : 12
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PostSubject: et dad ?...   Sun 21 Mar - 20:09

tu oublie dad il peux se faire facillement invoquer . son effet est bon et il est puissant.(atk 2800 et def 1000)
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Starlight Road スターライト・ロード
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